Dr Dan is a proud 1982 graduate of Loma Linda School of Dentistry in Loma Linda California.  He has been in practice for nearly 33 years and has enjoyed the thousands of patients he has been honored to treat.  Over the years Dr Dan has adopted many new and exciting technologies to make his patients visits more pleasant and less invasive.  

He was one of the first to adopt hard tissue lasers into his practice and went on to do research and write FDA papers for approval of several oral surgery procedures used throughout the world.  He is a founding member of the World Clinical Laser Institute and achieved the highest level of proficiency (Mastership Level) in that organization.  He became a WCLI examiner and has traveled the world administering tests to dentist as far away as Taipei and Dubai. He has lectured on techniques and incorporation of lasers into the dental practice around the world. 

In 2001 Dr Dan introduced 3D Cone Beam Radiography to Maryland, installing the first Cone Beam Xray in the state. He became the clinical director for PreXion 3D a Southern California company and trains and lectures nationally and internationally about the benefits of 3D radiology. 

He has written many articles on CBCT in Clinical journals. Currently he is the director of education for Champions Dental Implants in North and South America. Champions uses a Minimally Invasive Technique for the placement of implants and was founded in Germany 8 years ago and has experienced rapid growth over the years.

Most recently, Dr Dan has studied and is incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine into the practice.  Sleep Apnea is one of the fasted growing and most under diagnosed problems facing Americans.  He is happy to bring this to the Middletown area.

For those of you who wish you had the perfect smile, Dr Dan is also a certified Invisalign provider, he has been involved with orthodontics for over 23 years and will change your smile to the one you always wanted.